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Cooking Classes - 4 hours $85 USD, (minimum 4 people for class to operate) We also offer private cooking classes, for more information write to [email protected]

Each class will begin with a tour of the fields under cultivation, and each student will receive recipe book with a list of ingredients required for the recipes they will learn how to cook in class. Students will spend approximately 30 minutes in the field gathering their ingredients.

From the fields students will head up to the ranch house to wash their hands and gather around the kitchen's central island for a talk with the chef.

The chef will start with a short biography, and then quickly move on to an in depth discussion of each recipe the students will learn how to prepare, including techniques and procedures they will be using.

Students will have ample opportunity to ask questions as they cook, and will get to taste and smell each of the ingredients they use. This activity takes 2 hours aprox.

The participants will prepare 4 course meal.

Once the recipes have been completed, students will move to the sunny outdoor kitchen where they will sit at a long familiar table and sample each of the dishes they have learned to prepare.

Students will have time after class is over to browse the different organic products and souvenirs available in the gift shop.

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Meet The Chefs

Enrique Silva

Enrique Silva was born in the northern Mexico town of Navojoa, Sonora where he studied Agricultural Engineering and began his love affair with fresh herbs and produce. Upon graduating, Silva traveled to the Los Cabos region of Baja and began working in the hospitality industry, most notably at Hotel Palmilla (now OneandOnly Palmilla) where he was mentored by master chef Larry Nicola.


Larry Nicola

One of L.A.’s most beloved restaurateurs and chefs, Larry Nicola is an innovator and trendsetter for the restaurant industry. Since 1980, Nicola has attracted the most eclectic mix of patrons from the world’s most celebrated and successful to the multi-cultural population that defines the city of Los Angeles. No other chef or restaurateur in the city has accomplished this synergistic success with such a diverse loyal clientele.


Pía Quintana

Six years ago I arrived to Los Cabos and fell in love with this place, the magic of its microclimates allows the cultivation of wonderful vegetables, and also the variety of fish and seafood is endless. Living here is a culinary pleasure.


Linda Anne Hampsten

Qualified chef with 20+ years of cooking experience. Exceptional references. Inspirational chef with a talent towards Mediterranean cooking. Passionate about menu planning, entertaining and teaching. Adept at menu planning and execution of events from intimate parties to large full scale events. History of successful participation in all areas of entertaining, including fundraising and corporate events.


Martin Pomponio

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, son of italian father and argentinian mother, he began an earlier age, to work in the family´s restaurant, where typical plates of the italian & argenitinian kitchen were served. After several years, he studied in the “Kitchen School of Belgrano”, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and he graduated as “Professional Chef Restauranter”, this was its first step in the professional world of gourmet kitchen.



Huerta Los Tamarindos is an organic farm and restaurant located in San Jose del Cabo. They offer farm tours, cooking classes, and also can provide an outdoor event center for parties and gatherings.

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