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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, son of italian father and argentinian mother, Martin Pomponio began at an earlier age, to work in the family 's restaurant, where typical plates of the Italian and Argenitinian kitchen were served.

After several years, he studied in the “Kitchen School of Belgrano”, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and he graduated as “Professional Chef Restaurantier”, this was its first step in the professional world of gourmet kitchen.

He worked in the most recognized Argentinian Restaurants, in Argentina, where he gained knowledge and experience in Italian, Mediterranean and Frech cuisine. Later he opened its own restaurant, where he applied his own philosophy in the art of cooking.

In 2003 he moved to Los Cabos, México, were he lives now. When he arrived he worked in the kitchen of several, local resorts, adquiring new knowledge in Mexican Kitchen, and started to "fuse" on a day to day basis. His recepies are clearly noticeable, because it has a perfect balance in taste, offering a beautiful sensation of gourmet & house cooking, and applying a philosophy of “simplicity and essentials” in his creations.

He works as VIP Chef, for special customers that require chef services when they come to spend some time here in Cabo, he also works in special events.

Huerta Los Tamarindos is an organic farm and restaurant located in San Jose Del Cabo. We offer farm tours, cooking classes, and also can provide an outdoor event center for parties and gatherings.

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