Chefs in Huerta Los Tamarindos


Enrique Silva

Enrique Silva was born in the northern Mexico town of Navojoa, Sonora where he studied Agricultural Engineering and began his love affair with fresh herbs and produce. Upon graduating, Silva traveled to the Los Cabos region of Baja and began working in the hospitality industry, most notably at Hotel Palmilla (now OneandOnly Palmilla) where he was mentored by master chef Larry Nicola.

Silva left Baja in 1994 to help inaugurate the Alyeska Prince Hotel in Girdwood, Alaska where he worked as restaurant manager at the elegant Prince Court restaurant.

The following year he reunited with Nicola as manager of the chef's signature downtown eatery, Nicola.
In 1996 Silva and partner Fernando Hernandez teamed up back in Los Cabos to open their own restaurant, Tequila, one of the first fine-dining establishments in what was still a very small town that offered the freshest possible ingredients fusing Mexican, Asian and Mediterranean flavors.

In 2003 Silva's love of agriculture and the at times lack of availability of fresh produce and herbs led him to begin planting his own organic farm, Huerta Los Tamarindos, 10 minutes away from his restaurant planting crops that include numerous varieties of basil, rosemary, sage, marjoram, thyme, chives, lemon grass, tomatoes, eggplant and much more.

In 2010 Silva expanded Huerta Los Tamarindos to include an events garden, packing plant, cooking school, gift shop and organic educational facility.


Larry Nicola

One of L.A.’s most beloved restaurateurs and chefs, Larry Nicola is an innovator and trendsetter for the restaurant industry. Since 1980, Nicola has attracted the most eclectic mix of patrons from the world’s most celebrated and successful to the multi-cultural population that defines the city of Los Angeles. No other chef or restaurateur in the city has accomplished this synergistic success with such a diverse loyal clientele.

Nicola combines imaginative modern American cooking with a multitude of ethnic influences reflecting the culinary diversity and vibe of the city as well as Nicola’s extensive international travel to more than 30 countries. The culture at Nic’s Beverly Hills pairs one of America’s most dynamic martini bars including Nicola’s own creation VODBOX with inspired urban cuisine where steaks and spa are equally at home.

In 2006 Nicola created the VODBOX, the vodka tasting, walk-in, exhibition freezer designed for tasting flights of vodka in their purest form. The brainchild of Nicola, the VODBOX became an instant hit and one of L.A.’s most unique bar experiences offering visitors – who don faux fur while sipping on pure vodka - flights of compelling, rare and expensive vodka from around the world.

Nicola’s love affair with food began as a young child at his family’s Nicola Twins market in Silverlake. It was there that he saw first-hand how food is a meaningful expression of the love that unites families, friends and neighborhoods. Nicola learned how to cook at an early age from his maternal grandmother, who was entrusted with preparing the big family feasts and it was at the age of eight when he began dreaming of opening his own restaurant.

It was in 1980, when Nicola first opened L.A. Nicola in Silver Lake across the street from his family’s market that the dining scene in LA began to bloom. And L.A. Nicola was Silver Lake’s first serious dining establishment. After a few years Nicola expanded the restaurant to include the first martini lounge in Los Angeles. It was the mix of bar, lounge, restaurant, innovative modern design, ever-changing art, music and the camaraderie created by Nicola, his wife Melisa and their staff that made L.A. Nicola one of LA’s best neighborhood restaurants.

In 1993, Nicola ventured downtown with a new restaurant aptly titled, Nicola, in the dramatic atrium of the 52-story Sanwa Bank Building. The award-winning Michael Rotundi design created a sophisticated and alluring venue that allowed Nicola and his team of professionals to further define their style of American cooking. The result was a unique and stylish merger of Nicola’s refined and contemporary menu served amidst some of the city’s more cutting edge design elements – both of which foreshadowed the hip and urban revitalization that faces downtown Los Angeles today.

It was in 1997 when Nicola decided to move his restaurant ‘halfway between Silver Lake and Venice’ to glamorous Beverly Hills. The opening of Nic’s Restaurant and Martini Lounge allowed Larry and his wife Melisa, to continue their passion for cooking art and music in a sleek, swank, comfortable and colorful setting. Nicola’s clients followed him from Silverlake and downtown to mix with the movers, shakers, entrepreneurs and visitors from around the world who live, work and play in one of the most renowned of California zip codes, 90210.

When Nicola leaves his post as host, chef and restaurateur at Nic’s, he serves as consultant for world class resorts such as the Palmilla Hotel, and Querencia, a private golf resort both in Los Cabos, Mexico; The Tubec Golf Resort in Arizona; and the Hotel Lapa Rios in Costa Rica. Nicola also participated in the Great Tastes Of The States promotion for the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore where his original concepts were presented along with other famous chefs from Nobu Matsuhisa to Nancy Silverton. Additionally, his latest venture as the vodkateur makes Nicola an in-demand consultant to conduct special vodka tastings for private parties and/or events. Nicola is very active in supporting the community and donates his time and talent to AIDS benefits, Christmas dinners for the homeless, public television fundraisers and working with diabetic children to demonstrate the benefits of good nutrition. Larry and Melisa sit on the board of the Hark department of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles which subsidizes the children’s art therapy program. Larry and Melisa also sit on the board of the Los Angeles Regional food bank as well as host the organization’s annual fundraiser. Nicola also sits on the Board of Directors of Heart of Los Angeles Youth (HOLA). Larry and Melisa have two children Luke and Makaela.


Pía Quintana

Six years ago I arrived to Los Cabos and fell in love with this place, the magic of its microclimates allows the cultivation of wonderful vegetables, and also the variety of fish and seafood is endless. Living here is a culinary pleasure.

I consider myself a fanatic, studious and communicator of Mexican food, where there is a huge variety of healthy and nutritious dishes. I try to transmit the love I feel for the vast gastronomical culture even to my most demanding clients.
Teaching cooking classes is also a passion and a great communication channel to teach my students about the history, products and secrets of the Mexican cuisine, which goes beyond tacos and quesadillas

I have been fortunate to be able to travel through different countries and discover the main cuisine of each place , I try to incorporate what I have learned to my cuisine , the fusion of ingredients flavors and cultures are greatly accepted by my clients , trying to give each one a personalized first class service
Being Los Cabos such a rich place in products I try to adapt my recipes to all the local products available through the year so I can offer healthy and delicious food

I also like to give a holistic service my studies and knowledge about wine allows me to fix menus with wine pairings.
Cooking for me is offering a culinary experience for my clients, where they will find unique flavors that honor the rich culinary tradition from my country.


Linda Anne Hampsten

Qualified chef with 20+ years of cooking experience. Exceptional references.
Inspirational chef with a talent towards Mediterranean cooking. Passionate about menu planning, entertaining and teaching. Adept at menu planning and execution of events from intimate parties to large full scale events. History of successful participation in all areas of entertaining, including fundraising and corporate events.

Areas of Expertise

  • Menu Planning

  • Event Design

  • Creative Cooking and Entertaining

  • Teaching

  • Private Family Chef

  • Fundraising

  • Writing

  • Wine and Cooking Travel Tours

  • Kids Can Cook Camps

  • Wine and Olive Oil Tastings

Professional Experience

6 years private chef Dalbey family Boulder, Co
5 years private chef Dubofsky family Boulder, Co
4 years private chef Belinda Hall Boulder, CO
9 years private chef, clients Jane Goodall (see Jane’s book Food for Thought) and actor Michael York, Blue Sky Bridge, Colorado Music Festival, University of Denver Law School, University of Colorado
BVSD After School Cooking Program Flatirons Elementary School
Kids Can Cook Camps

La Cucina Mia Cooking and Wine Tours of Tuscany (
Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany, Italy

Cinghiale Cycling and Cooking Tours
Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany, Italy

Traveling and living between Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and England I was able to put my foot in the door at many great kitchens from hotels on the Cote d Azur to precious vineyards in Tuscany and mountain chalets in Switzerland. Being able to spend time learning in the kitchens of various chefs and vintners while racing my mountain bike in between was a huge part of my culinary education as well as giving me opportunities to entertain internationally!

Heart and Hand Catering

Culinary Training
My mother Theresa Lillian Grochala
Immediate family of 30 Polish and Slovak aunts and uncles and grandparents
Apprenticing with chefs in Italy, France, Switzerland between 1990 and 2001

BFA Studio Arts/Art History University of Colorado in Boulder


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, son of italian father and argentinian mother, he began an earlier age, to work in the family´s restaurant, where typical plates of the italian & argenitinian kitchen were served.

After several years, he studied in the “Kitchen School of Belgrano”, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and he graduated as “Professional Chef Restauranter”, this was its first step in the professional world of gourmet kitchen.

He worked in the most recognized Argentinian Restaurants, in Argentina, were he gain knowledge and experience in Italian,Mediteranean & Frech kitchen. After a while he opened its own restaurant, were he applied its own philosophy in the art of cooking.

In 2003 he emigrate to Los Cabos, México, were he lives now. When he arrvies he start to work in the kitchen of several, local resorts, adquiring new knowledge in Mexican Kitchen, and starting to make interasting “fusioning the day a day cooking”

Its recepies are clearly noticeable, because it has a pefect balance in taste, offering a beautiful sensation of gourmet & house cooking, applying a philosophy of “simplicity & escentialism” in its creations.

Actually he works as VIP Chef, for special customers that requires its services as chef when they come to spend some time in its own house here in Cabo, also he works in special events.

Bon Apetitte!




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