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The silkworm rearing in the state of Oaxaca has been present in the lives of some Zapotec communities for many years.

In the community of Teotitlan del Valle had its heyday between 1900- 1940. Silk was obtained to meet domestic demand of consumption in developing belts and sashes worn by women in their traditional attire. This small local industry has been almost destroyed consumption due to indiscriminate fumigations exterminated from the malaria fly to the silkworm.

Currently in the state of Oaxaca are very few families who are dedicated to the process of silk, this is the case the group ARTE SEDA Teotitlan del Valle community, who have taken up this activity that most of its members in their childhood development , as rescue work alternative.
White and purple.
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Purple, Black and White
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Pink and Yellow
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Purple and Black
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Black and Blue
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Black and Red
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Light Green
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Dark Green
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Sky Blue
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Huerta Los Tamarindos is an organic farm and restaurant located in San Jose Del Cabo. We offer farm tours, cooking classes, and also can provide an outdoor event center for parties and gatherings.

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